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Hello, I'm Suzanne Delahunty, personal stylist and consultant. I have always loved clothes from when I was a little girl playing dress-ups with my sisters, then pouring obsessively over fashion magazines as a teenager, and working in designer retail throughout university (a job I adored).

As I started my career, I came to recognise the transformative power that the perfect outfit had over my mood, confidence and productivity. And the important role it plays in career success.

My mission as a personal stylist is to help my clients discover their personal style and show them how to apply it to their everyday life. I help them feel their absolute best and be the most awesome versions of themselves, confident in every aspect of their lives. I do this by helping them dress in a way that is authentic and makes them feel invincible.

Professional women and men, as well as those whose careers are in the public eye, hire me as a stylist to develop their personal style, curate a wardrobe consisting of interchangeable, stylish pieces perfectly suited to their body and colouring, ensuring they maximise the wear they get from every piece in their closets. I take the stress out of getting dressed.

Before becoming a stylist, I was the Legal Director for a global media company. Back in the early days of my legal career I dressed in a way that I thought was expected of a lawyer, but found it boring and suffocating. 

I quickly realised that I was the best version of myself when I dressed in a way that reflected my role as a professional, but which also expressed my personality and unique style. 

I left my legal career behind to follow my passion in life and focus on styling. I studied at the London College of Fashion (UAL) and the Institut Francais de la Mode, and combined my extensive designer and brand knowledge, my instincts for style and colour and my technical fashion training to do what I love.

Now I help men and women around the world to develop their own personal style for work as well as their personal lives. It's about defining your own authentic style that works for your workplace, lifestyle and personality. 

My vision is for everyone to feel that transformative power and confidence that comes from dressing well whatever the occasion. From style comes confidence and from confidence comes success.

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist

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When I'm not working with my styling clients, I consult to fashion brands, host and produce my career-change podcast, Freedom Hunters and am the London resident editor of Luxe City Guides.



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