Colour and Body Type Consultation

Colour and Body Type Consultation

Once you know how to dress for your colouring, skin tone and body shape, the results are truly transformative. After a colour and body type consultation with Suzanne (which can be provided in-person or via video), you will know what suits you and why it suits you. You will dress each day without second-guessing how you look, leaving you with the headspace to get on with your day feeling confident in how you look.

Colour Analysis

Wearing the right colours will flatter your skin tone, make you look fresh and healthier, and feel confident in your own skin.

In the colour analysis, personal stylist Suzanne analyses your underlying skin tones, hair colour (whether natural or not) and eye colour, in order to advise you on which colours, tones and fabrics will look amazing on you.  Suzanne takes a thorough, tonal approach to her analysis so that you will be armed with the knowledge you need to:

  • wear colour with confidence;
  • shop for clothing that will enhance your best features to their very best effect;
  • become an expert at colour combination that reflects your personality;
  • combine colours in the most flattering and effective way;
  • know which fabrics to invest in and which fabrics to avoid;
  • feel your absolute best in every outfit you put together with your new-found knowledge.

Body Shape Analysis

Dressing to suit your body shape can be life changing. There is no need to lose weight to feel confident in your own skin. It’s about enhancing your favourite features and employing styling techniques to create the silhouettes that best compliment your shape and enhance your best features. 

In a body type analysis, Suzanne takes a forensic look at your unique body shape, face shape, proportions and bodyline and provides detailed advice so that you will know:

  • what fabrics, prints, shoes and clothing styles will be the most flattering for you and which ones to avoid;
  • styling techniques to enhance your best features;
  • accessories (earrings, eyewear, necklaces) to suit your face shape as well as your bodyline;
  • necklines that are most flattering for you;
  • hairstyles to suit your face shape.
colour and body type consultation

Following your colour and body type consultation you'll receive detailed notes from your consultation in an easy-to-reference format, together with brand recommendations so that you have the tools to shop and dress with total confidence.

**A colour and body type consultation can be provided virtually via video call if it is not possible to meet in person. Suzanne will ask you to provide photos of you in your gym kit from which she can provide the analysis, as well as via video**

Approx. 2 hours. Available for men and women.



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