Colour and Shape Consultation

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist

A personal stylist can create transformative results by analysing each client's colouring, shape, scale and style.

Wearing the right colours will flatter your skin tone, make you look fresh and healthier. Personal Stylist Suzanne takes a tonal approach to colour analysis so that you will have a clear understanding not only of the colours that suit you best, but the types of fabrics that will compliment your skin.

Dressing to suit your body shape can be life changing. There is no need to lose weight to feel confident in your own skin. It’s about enhancing your favourite features and employing styling techniques to create the silhouettes that best compliment your shape. You’ll know what fabrics, patterns, styles and accessories will look best on you

A colour and shape analysis will also ensure you get the most our of any subsequent personal shopping and styling services you might wish to take.

This can be provided virtually via video call if it is not possible to meet in person.

Approx. 2 hours. Available for men and women.



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