Celeste Wong: Barista to Business Woman


Celeste started out her career as an actress and barista. Since moving to London, she has been listed as one of London’s top five baristas in The Financial Times and has held top positions in artisan cafes.

In recent years, in pursuit of more fulfilment from her work, Celeste produced and presented her own web series based around coffee and people in the coffee industry. That was the catalyst for her to develop the ultimate portfolio career. She is now a brand consultant, video producer and presenter, actress, blogger about all things coffee, lifestyle and travel and she has her own brand of coffee beans and merchandise.

Celeste talks about how she changed career from barista to multi-hyphen business woman, what she thinks about self-promotion, developing a brand and purpose and how she deals with failure.

The Girl in the Café: www.thegirlinthecafe.co.uk

Instagram: @the_girl_in_the_cafe

TGITC Web Series: www.thegirlinthecafe.co.uk/webseries/

TGITC coffee and merchandise: http://www.thegirlinthecafe.co.uk/shop/



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