Kat Stewart: PR to Award Winning Actor

Kat Stewart Freedom Hunters

Kat Stewart is an Aussie household name due to her many stellar and powerful performances in the very best of Australian TV and theatre, which have led to her winning many accolades including AACTA and Logie awards.

Kat had just wrapped up filming the second season of her latest TV series, Five Bedrooms, when we spoke. Five Bedrooms tells the story of five people who meet at the singles table at a wedding and end up buying a property together. Over the series we find out why and how each of the characters came to be living in a share house, and follow the disasters and dramas of share house living. 

Kat became known in Australia for her performance in Australian true crime drama series, Underbelly, which is based on the events within Melbourne’s gangland wars in the late nineties. Kat played the role of Roberta Williams, wife of renowned criminal figure Carl Williams, and shone with the intensity of her performance.

Following further TV and theatre roles, she then went on to play the role of Billie Proudman in the hugely successful series, Offspring. You can check out all seven seasons on Netflix.

I talked to Kat about her career, and how she started out working in PR in Melbourne. However there was something inside her that just had to pursue her passion for performing, and so she transitioned her career from PR to acting.

It wasn’t an easy road to follow, and Kat was very frank about the challenges that she faced when first starting out in acting. But if you are contemplating a career in acting or in the creative arts, her advice is encouraging. If you have that creative passion burning inside you, you’ve just got to do it. And if you’re in a career right now that you don’t necessarily love, it can always help you as you explore your creative side and turn it into your career.



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