Kristina Karlsson: Travel to Founder of Kikki K


Kristina Karlsson is a woman on a mission She wants to get millions of people to dream big and create their dream lives. And by the looks of things she is well on her way to achieving it.

Kristina is the founder of the stationary and lifestyle brand Kikki K, which has stores in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. And it is available online in over 140 countries around the world.

But before she started Kikki K, Kristina tried different jobs in hospitality and travel, finding that none of them were the right fit for her. And it was during a sleepless night of not knowing and worrying about what she should do with her life that she wrote a list of exactly what she wanted from her career and lifestyle. What she wrote down didn’t include running a global stationery brand, but it was from that list that Kikki K was born.

Kristina shares how she went from that sleepless night to starting up her business and what the early days were like. We talk about mentoring, the importance of trying out different jobs and what success is for her. 



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