Suzanne Delahunty: Media Lawyer to Stylist & Brand Consultant


Freedom Hunters Podcast has launched on iTunesSpotifyAcast, Google Podcasts and Stitcher! It’s my podcast where I talk to inspiring people who have escaped the rat race to create their dream career, or who have pursued a passion in their work.

In episode 1, I talk about my own career path. How I started out as a media lawyer, but never really found true fulfilment with my legal career. And how at the time of recording I am in the process of changing my career to stylist, editor and podcaster.

I talk about the moment I admitted to myself that success for me did not involve moving up the career ladder I’d spent my entire career climbing and the freedom that moment gave me. And what life is like now that I’m following my own passions in life. And, weirdly, circus acrobats.

I hope you will enjoy Freedom Hunters. In each episode I’ll interview an inspiring guest who has changed their career and find out how they went about it. We’ll also talk about what’s happening in their chosen industry. And if you like the podcast, please don’t forget to subscribe, review and rate it!

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