Half Day Styling





A half-day style consultation can be a wardrobe edit or a shopping morning or afternoon with me.

Your half-day style consultation can be provided both in-person or virtually via video call and online.

Find out more about each type of service and how it works below:

Wardrobe Edit

(including shape and colour analysis)

3 hours, £450

What Are the Benefits?


I will go through your wardrobe with you to determine which pieces in your wardrobe work for your lifestyle and your personal style and which no longer serve you. We build new outfit combinations and styling techniques to breathe new life into your clothes and update your style.

This will also involve an analysis of your shape, proportions and colouring so that you are armed with knowledge of what fabrics, colours, styles and styling techniques will look best on you.

The benefits of a wardrobe edit are huge:

  • you’ll re-connect with your wardrobe and discover outfit combinations you didn’t realise you already have;
  • I will show you styling techniques suited to your shape and proportions so that you wear your clothes with flair and confidence;
  • you'll learn how to wear your clothes to their very best effect based on your colouring, body and face shape;
  • I will solve the styling dilemmas you have with specific pieces in your wardrobe;
  • you'll identify specific pieces that are missing from your wardrobe to tie everything together and update your look;
  • you'll save money and help the environment by breathing new life into your clothes and cull (in a mindful way) those that no longer work for you.

How it Works

A wardrobe edit can be done either in person at your home if you are in the UK (travel costs apply if you are outside London zone 3), or via Zoom.

Prior to the wardrobe edit you will complete my client questionnaire so that I fully understand your lifestyle, personal style, tastes and objectives. 

During the consultation, we'll discuss your personal style, your lifestyle and how you want to dress so that we narrow down your adjectives that will be your guide for how you shop and put outfits together going forward.

I'll do a body shape and colour analysis so that you understand the fabrics, clothes and styling techniques that will transform how you dress and how you look. We'll also discuss colour: which colours and tones work best for you, what your wardrobe colour palette is (or could be), how to introduce colour into your wardrobe, how to combine neutrals or work with a limited colour palette, all depending on your personal style.

We then get down to the business of going through each piece and finding new ways to wear them, solutions for any issues you have with them, and a methodical way of deciding what to keep, repair/alter, sell, donate or recycle.

We will take photos of new outfit combinations and styling techniques so you can refer back to them.

What You Get from The Consultation


Following the consultation you will have:

  • all the outfit photographs taken during the consultation;
  • an organised and functional wardrobe full of pieces and outfits you will be excited to wear;
  • notes from your consultation of all the advice provided by me in relation to dressing for your shape and colouring.
  • a list of any specific pieces you need to complete any looks or fill any gaps for the upcoming season;
  • brand recommendations from me to get you started.



Shop with a Stylist

3 hours, £450

What Are the Benefits?


A shop with a personal shopper is is way for you to refresh your wardrobe with the support and expertise of a personal stylist. It can be for an important event, a new season wardrobe, or for a few specific pieces you know you need - it is all tailored to your specific objectives.

The benefits can include:

  • you'll have an updated wardrobe, with pieces that you'll love to put on;
  • you'll get advice on what suits your colouring, body shape and proportions;
  • save money because you'll buy clothes that suit you and that co-ordinate with each other and that you love;
  • save time as I'll only take you to shops that fit your desired style and budget;
  • you'll feel confident in how you look and be excited to get dressed each day.

How it Works

Prior to each shop-and-style I will ask you to complete my client questionnaire so that I fully understand your lifestyle, tastes, personal style, objectives (shopping list) and budget.  The shop can be done in-person or remotely:

In Person - In Shops

After you complete my questionnaire I'll come up with a plan of attack for which stores to visit for each item on your shopping list. We'll meet in London and spend up to 3 hours shopping together.


I will carry out my shop online (for up to six items) and provide you with a digital deck containing images of my recommendations, my styling notes for each one, with links to each website so that you can purchase them and have them delivered to your home. Once you've made your purchases we then do a one-hour styling session via a Zoom call where we review which pieces work and which don't.

What You Get from The Consultation



You will try on new pieces that fit in with your existing wardrobe and that you are excited to put on and/or a clear picture of what doesn't suit you.

You will have styling techniques for your clothes that are tailored to your shape and proportions

If I've provided the services to you remotely, you will have the digital deck containing the shopping edit and styling notes from me to refer back to.






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