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Do you rarely have time or the inclination to shop for yourself? Maybe you want to evolve and update your personal style to something that truly expresses who you've become, or who you want to become. Personal Shopper and Stylist, Suzanne, will work with you to achieve your style objectives.

Prior to any shop-and-style session, Suzanne will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire. From your answers, she will understand your lifestyle, what you like about your appearance, what your personal style is - or if you want to update your style. 

Suzanne will then work with you to define your objectives and carry out a pre-shop for you based on your style goals. Suzanne will create a bespoke shopping experience that takes the time and stress out of shopping for you. This can be any of the following:

  • Suzanne can bring a carefully curated selection of clothes to you (depending on location) and carry out a styling session in the comfort of your home or office;
  • Suzanne can host a streamlined shopping trip in or around central London where everything has been put aside in each store in advance, ready for you to try on;
  • Suzanne has access to the styling ateliers at London's best multi-brand stores and can host a styling and try-on session in the privacy of the atelier;
  • If you are based outside of London or the UK, Suzanne can prepare a digital deck for you, consisting of a curated selection of her recommended pieces that you can click on and purchase yourself, and then carry out a styling session with you once you have your purchases via video call.

A shop and style session with a personal shopper is game changing:

  • you'll never have to traipse aimlessly around the shops again - Suzanne takes the stress and time out of shopping;
  • you'll have an updated wardrobe, with pieces that you'll love to put on;
  • your wardrobe will be perfectly suited to your colouring, body shape and, importantly, your lifestyle;
  • you will develop the personal style you want to embody;
  • you'll feel confident in how you look and never second-guess what you're wearing again;
  • you will have the foundations of a versatile wardrobe that will last you for years to come;
  • you will always know what to wear - taking the time and stress out of choosing what to wear each day;
  • you'll have Suzanne's styling tips and techniques tailored specifically to your shape and line so you'll dress with confidence.

Available for men and women. Fees are charged at an hourly rate.

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