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All of my services can be provided virtually no matter where you are in the world


One Hour Style Consultation


You might want to discuss your specific style dilemmas, seek advice on your upcoming season's wardrobe, what to wear for an upcoming event or job interview, get guidance on what suits you, advice on buying an investment handbag, or brand recommendations for your style and budget.

Whatever your style dilemma, I will have the answers for you in a one-hour one-to-one consultation.

VIP Half Day Styling


After an initial consultation, I will create a bespoke three-hour styling session to meet whatever your objectives are.

The consultation can take the form of:

- a wardrobe edit: cull, create new outfits, styling your existing pieces

- an in-depth colour and shape consultation

- personal shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe, event or anything else that's happening in your life that needs added style

Ongoing Support

The perfectly curated wardrobe doesn't happen overnight. With my ongoing support you will continue to build on what you already have to make the most of your beautiful pieces, ensure longevity and that you don't fall out of love with your investment pieces.

The monthly support service involves answering your queries, providing shopping recommendations, tailoring support and notice of sales. It is all tailored to your specific requirements.



To have a chat about how we can work together, click below to book a discovery call with me.

Why Work With Me?

Having worked as a lawyer in TV, digital media and technology for over a decade, including city law firms, I understand the challenges of dressing for work every day, corporate events and balancing workwear with what you wear in your personal life. I take the time and stress out of getting dressed by working with you to develop your own personal style, building confidence and curating a stylish wardrobe that works for your lifestyle.

Personal Stylist London


My mission is for all of my clients to feel confident in how they present themselves to the world because with confidence you change how you feel and how you are perceived. Style→ Confidence→Success

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist


My expertise in body shape and colour analysis, combined with extensive brand knowledge and innate sense for colour and style means I work to develop your desired style, with outfits that are perfect for your shape and colouring

Suzanne Delahunty Wardrobe Organiser


You'll save time and money by having a workable interchangeable wardrobe, confidence in putting outfits together, making maximum use of all your clothing and knowing how to shop smarter

Suzanne Delahunty Stylist

Deeply Personalised

I have a thorough process for getting to know your colours, shape, lifestyle and the style that you want to maintain or evolve into - and delivering precisely that

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist


I make every styling session and shopping trip fun and enjoyable so that you approach style and fashion with happy anticipation rather than seeing it as a chore. I take the stress out of shopping and getting dressed



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