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One Hour Style Consultation

Need some focussed style advice in a short amount of time? A one-hour one-to-one consultation is tailored to your individual requirements. You might need advice on your upcoming season's wardrobe, what to wear for a special event, guidance on what suits you, advice on buying an investment handbag. Focussed advice over a coffee.

Half Day Styling

If you're fed up with your wardrobe, dislike your current style and feel less than inspired to get dressed each day a half-day styling is the answer. It is tailored to your specific requirements. It might we a wardrobe edit where we breathe new life into your clothes and analyse your shape and colours. Or you might like to have a morning shopping with a personal stylist to provide objective advice.

VIP Shop & Style

Do you find that you just don't connect with your clothes anymore? Have you always bought clothes in an ad hoc manner so that you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? With a VIP Shop & Style, I'll work with you to focus in on and define your personal style and re-invigorate your wardrobe in a thoughtful and strategic way. 



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Is This You?

You have a wardrobe full of clothes, but feel like you have nothing wear.

You are fed up with your clothes. You no longer connect with them and don't feel good in what you wear any more.

You see clothes you like all the time, but don't know where to start to bring them all together and style them in a cohesive way that expresses your personality, or the style you want.

You hate shopping and find the whole experience of clothes shopping overwhelming and stressful.

You're returning to work after a break to focus on your family and have nothing to wear that expresses the person you want to be.

You're successful in your career and recognise the importance of what you wear, but you don't have the time or inclination to spend time shopping when you'd rather spend your precious free time with your family and friends.

You have goals you want to achieve in your work and your personal life and you want to develop your personal brand and image to match your ambitions.

You've always shopped on an ad hoc basis. There's still clothes in your wardrobe with the tags still on. You can't seem to tie everything together in a cohesive and stylish way.

You have an important event coming up where you want to look and feel like the best version of yourself.


You just want a wardrobe full of clothes that you love, that make you feel confident, that epitomise the personal style that represents who you are, that flatter your shape and colouring and that you feel excited to put on in the morning. Is that too much to ask?!

How Styling Services Will Help You

What you'll get from my styling services:

- a defined personal style that represents who you are or who you're becoming

- a closet of clothes that fit you beautifully and flatter your figure

- versatile clothes that work interchangeably so that you maximise the number of outfit combinations you can create

- stress-free shopping: I curate the choices for you and have everything set aside in your size, ready for you to try on in the store

- save money: you'll no longer buy clothes that sit in your wardrobe, unworn and unloved. You will only buy what aligns with your style

- save time: decision making will be lightning fast when it comes to shopping and deciding what to wear

- compliments from friends, family, colleagues and strangers!

- the confidence that comes from knowing your personal style

Why Work With Me

Having worked as a lawyer in TV, digital media and technology for over a decade, including city law firms, I understand the challenges of dressing for work every day, corporate events and balancing workwear with what you wear in your personal life. I take the time and stress out of getting dressed by working with you to develop your own personal style, building confidence and curating a stylish wardrobe that works for your lifestyle.

Personal Stylist London


My mission is for all of my clients to feel confident in how they present themselves to the world because with confidence you change how you feel and how you are perceived. Style→ Confidence→Success

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist


My expertise in body shape and colour analysis, combined with extensive brand knowledge and innate sense for colour and style means I work to develop your desired style, with outfits that are perfect for your shape and colouring

Suzanne Delahunty Wardrobe Organiser


I share all my styling advice with you so that you are clear about your personal style and what suits you. You'll save time and money by having a workable interchangeable wardrobe and knowing how to shop smarter

Suzanne Delahunty Stylist

Deeply Personalised

I have a thorough process for getting to know your colours, shape, lifestyle and the style that you want to maintain or evolve into - and delivering precisely that

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist


I make every styling session and shopping trip fun and enjoyable so that you approach style and fashion with happy anticipation rather than seeing it as a chore. I take the stress out of shopping and getting dressed



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