How to do Double Denim


Double denim can look all levels of cool when it's done right. But it can also look dated and just a bit naff if you get it wrong. Here's my top tips for styling your denim-on-denim in a way that looks fresh and stylish.

1. Avoid Basic Styles

Where double denim goes wrong is when the wearer is wearing basic or out-dated style denim: both the shirt/jacket or the jeans themselves. So avoid that classic denim jacket style that is everywhere in the High Street stores. Instead opt for a more directional denim jacket or shirt. Right now, that could be an over-sized shirt, or a boxy denim jacket with a longer line to it.

For jeans, right now I'd advise against skinny jeans, and go for a straight leg with a high waist (or whatever your favourite antidote to skinny jeans is right now).

Modern styles and silhouettes are constantly changing however, so always take note of what's going on in fashion more generally to stay current.

Keep those silhouettes unusual and you'll look anything but basic.

2. Wear an interesting third piece with your double denim

Generally, to make any outfit interesting, just add a third piece to it (not including shoes). And this goes doubly (triple-y) for double denim. 

If the denim on the top half of your outfit is a jacket, wear a top underneath it that has something interesting going on with it, like an asymmetrical neckline, or an unusual texture. Steer away from basic pieces like t-shirts or a classic button down shirt.

If your denim on top is a shirt, try styling the shirt in combination with a fabulous bodysuit.

3. Accessorise

To keep the double denim from veering into basic territory, accessorise with accessories that punctuate and elevate your outfit. This could be anything from statement necklaces to over-size sunglasses.

4. Combining Denim Tones

For best effect, I'd either keep the denim as close in their tones as possible or go for completely different coloured denims (like blue and black). Make it deliberately matching or deliberately very different. Anything in between has the potential to look a bit off.

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