Recreate Jenna Lyons' Eclectic Style


When she was president and executive creative director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons established herself as "the woman who dresses America." She's now establishing herself in the lifestyle arena with her new TV show, Stylish with Jenna Lyons", but her eclectic personal style legacy lives on.

Jenna's style inspired so many of us to play with a high-low mix for formal events as well as the every day. It's a carefully considered mixture of glamour (by way of sequins, feathers, crystals and metallics) with denim, cotton, t-shirts and jeans.

Let's break it down by looking at four examples of her eclectic style.

1.  Sequins + White Shirt + Khakis


Here we have exhibit A: how to make sequins appropriate for everyday life. So it is possible to wear a sequinned blazer and not look like a game show host from the 80s. The key is to  tone them down with the uber-casual-ness of the khaki trousers. The shirt she wears is genius in that it looks a little like the kind of shirt that might be worn under a tuxedo. So it's a transitional piece that links the two extremes of sequins and utilitarian khaki.

And as with most of her outfits, she finishes it with a sharp pointed-toe pump which ties the whole look together. it just wouldn't quite work in the same way if she wore trainers.

2. Silk Satin Trousers + T-shirt + Denim Jacket + Cape


This look is probably more achievable for those who are reluctant to go full-sequin for a day look. Again, it involves a mixture of luxe and day-to-day. 

Let's start with the trousers. It's clear that they are a sumptuous silk satin blend with a luxurious sheen to them. If you invest in a beautiful tailored pair of trousers like this, you will never regret it. She has then added the humble white t-shirt in a slubby relaxed cotton blend that drapes in a very nonchalant way. The denim jacket is styled beautifully over the top and buttoned at the neck with the collar popped, which gives the jacket a bit of chicness. 

The real feature is the cape, which brings the drama to this outfit. And if capes aren't your bag, you can achieve the same effect by draping your black wool coat over your shoulders.

Again, the whole look is elevated with the pointed-toe heels in a colour that brings the whole outfit to life.

3. Pyjama-style Trousers + Print Clash


Many of Jenna's outfits involved pyjama-style trousers in bright and busy prints. And rather than just leave it at that, she usually introduces a co-ordinate in a matching or clashing print.

Here she has introduced leopard to achieve the clash. And if you're only starting out to experiment with print clashes, leopard print is a safe one to use, as it tends to go with many different prints (floral, stripes, checks etc). The key is to choose prints of relatively similar scale.

4. Metallics + Denim + Flash of Colour


Another example of denim toning down the high-octane glam of this outfit. Here the "glam" comes in the form of a metallic that is carried through from the gold high-heel sandals to the skirt.

Jenna has also been know to achieve a similar effect by wearing a casual white t-shirt with an otherwise OTT skirt.

But what really makes this outfit interesting is the flash of colour of the red in her clutch. I'd keep it a leather clutch (as opposed to a metallic or fabric one) so that it ties in the casual vibe of the denim. 

I work with my clients to define their unique and authentic personal style, whether that's eclectic mix of high-low like Jenna Lyons, or something more conservative. I'm always testing the boundaries, but making sure you feel confident in everything you wear. To enquire about my services, or to book a discovery call with me, click here:



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