Recreate Her Style: Zoe Kravitz


When I work with my clients to identify, develop or define their personal style I ask them to send me photos of the people whose style they admire. Together we get into what exactly they like about that persons' style. Is it the way they combine and wear colour? Is it the clean minimal aesthetic? Is it the overall energy or attitude of that person?

I take a forensic approach to analysing the style of the world's most stylish people in this way. And the result is that I give my clients a clear roadmap to achieving that style, or adapting that style to their own lifestyle, shape and budget.

Let's look at the style of Zoe Kravitz and break it down. She never fails to look effortlessly cool, completely comfortable in her own skin and super stylish. If we look at the architecture of her outfits, there's a pattern that emerges whether she's going for a stroll in her neighbourhood, or attending a red carpet event. And it consists of three elements: Chill - Modern - Classic.

In every outfit there is always something chill, something modern and something classic. Take, for example, her outfit where she's wearing a t-shirt over a negligée-style dress. The basic white t-shirt is as chill and casual as you can get. The black lace-trimmed slip dress underneath brings an unexpected and very modern element, and her Gucci loafers are as classic as they come. Together the whole outfit looks incredibly cool on her.

And what about her outfit where she's wearing a bowling shirt with lavender jeans? The jeans, the white vest and the bowling shirt are all chill. Casual. The bowling shirt is modern in the unexpected vibrancy of the print, the slightly masculine silhouette and styling (worn open). The jeans are also modern in their relaxed silhouette (you won't find her in skinnies) and unusual colour. She brings the classic element with her loafers, which ground the whole look.

So if you like her style, think about those three elements when you put your outfits together. Is there something chill? Something modern? Something classic? 

If you like someone's style, or you see outfits you like on social media, online or in real life but don't know where to start - click the button below to contact me and enquire about how I can help you.



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