How to Be Stylish and Comfortable at Home


The most often-asked question I have received during 2020 is for tips on how to look stylish and be comfortable when at home. 2020 was the year when we all started to spend a lot more time at home. And it's only natural that many people turned to sweatpants and athleisure for comfort and ease. But now that working and spending more time at home has become our new normal, it's time to step things up and add some style into the mix.

I've chosen five key pieces that are vital for a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe over the winter months:

  1. The knitted trousers: choose knitted trousers in a wide or straight leg style rather than sweatpants style.
  2. The statement sweater: a knit in a stand-out colour or with statement details will elevate everything about your at-home look.
  3. The knitted vest: a cosy layering piece that you can throw over basic items you already have in your wardrobe.
  4. The sweater dress: make sure it has shape and structure.
  5. The house shoes: these are shoes you wear exclusively inside. So they can be the fanciest of satin-covered, jewel-encrusted mules, or super-cosy shearling slides.

These pieces all work interchangeably with each other and with items that you already have in your wardrobe to create some fabulous outfits. I've set out some outfit combinations for your consideration below. But before we get to that, there are some tips to keep in mind as you plan your stylish winter at-home wardrobe.

Styling Tips

Make an Effort

A lot of research has been done into the psychology of fashion and the effect that our clothes have over our mood. And the results have all shown that what we wear directly impacts our mood and productivity. When you make the effort and wear clothes that are more dressy or professional (for work), you mood and cognitive processes improve.

So while I understand the importance of feeling comfortable at home, I also urge you to make an effort with your outfits each day, even if you're not going to see anyone other than your family. Dress well, and dress the way you would if you were going to meet with your friends for a coffee or a drink. You will feel all the better for it.

Choose a Colour Palette

If you are looking to add new pieces to your at-home wardrobe, choose a colour palette that will (a) suit your skintone, and (b) consists of colours that all go with one another.

When you choose the right colours to suit your colouring and skin tone, you will notice the difference. Your eyes look brighter, your skin looks healthy and glowy, and it can tighten the appearance of your jawline.

And by choosing interchangeable colours, you maximise the number of possible outfit combinations using your new items.

Choose Natural Fibres

I urge all of my clients to buy less and buy better. If you choose natural fibres such as pure wool, cashmere, linen, cotton and silk, they will last longer. Not only that, they will feel a lot more comfortable to wear.

Elevated Details

When choosing your stylish at-home wardrobe pieces, look for elevated details, to lift the overall look of your outfit. This will also lift your mood and productivity.

So instead of a plain wool knitted sweater, choose a statement sweater. A statement sweater is one that is in a stand-out colour, or has unique details like a voluminous sleeve, crocheted details, patterns within the knit itself. Rather than a shapeless knitted dress, choose one that has a beautiful silhouette and some structure to it. These little details make a huge difference.

Don't Forget to Accessorise

The easiest way to make any outfit that little but more fabulous is to add accessories. Think about statement earrings or a beautiful necklace that will lift everything to the next level.

Easy Outfit Formulas

Sweater Dress + Statement Knit + House Shoes

Wear your statement knit over your sweater dress, and finish off with your cosy house-shoes.


Sweater Dress + Knitted Vest + House Shoes

The knitted vest looks stylish over a sweater dress, and adds an extra layer of cosiness on those colder days. Experiment with belts and add a belt over the top of the vest for added style.


Statement Knit + Knitted Trousers

The reason this combination works so effectively is that the knitted trousers are a wide-leg style and the knit is a statement sweater that elevates the whole ensemble from boring to epic. If you go for basic styles in synthetic materials, it just won't work as well.


Knitted Vest + Silk Shirt + Knitted Trousers

By adding a silk shirt into the mix, the knitted vest and trousers are tied together in an overall cosy but chic look.


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