Working From Home: Three Outfit Ideas for Productivity and Positivity

Suzanne Delahunty Personal Stylist Working from Home Outfits

At the time of writing this post, we are in the midst of corona crisis lock-down. We’re all seeking out ways to keep structure to our days and avoid anxiety spiralling out of control. Writing up to-do lists, setting new daily routines, meditation, online yoga classes, everything helps. But there’s another thing you can do to help you stay productive and positive and it involves what you wear.

What we wear impacts both our mood and our cognitive processes. Studies have conclusively proven this phenomenon. In a university study, two groups of participants were asked to carry out a set of tests. The group required to dress in a more formal and professional way were found to have the best results when it came to thinking abstractly and on a strategic level. Their cognitive processes were distinctly superior to the group wearing casual attire.

Working from home (particularly at a time of great uncertainty), it can be all too easy to default to wearing whatever is most comfortable, whether it’s pyjamas, sweatpants or athleisure. But dressing in ways that are neither stylish nor smart results in feelings of lethargy, lack of motivation and low mood. So whether you’re working or not, when it comes to what you wear around the house it’s time to dress up and show up. It will absolutely impact your mindset and mood for positivity and productivity.

Here’s three outfit ideas to get your started:

1. Palazzo pants + button down shirt

Comfort is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Enter the palazzo pants. Palazzos are generally loose and flowy but should ideally be made of a quality natural fabric such as silk, so they still look like you’ve made an effort. When combined with a business shirt, you’re ready to get down to business. Tuck your shirt it, roll up the sleeves for an extra can-do energy boost.

2. Knitwear + jeans

There’s nothing cosier and more comfy than a good jumper or knitted top. My pick for cosiness, quality and style is generally cashmere. A good navy cashmere jumper is an absolute must in any wardrobe. In the midst of the uncertainty of the corona crisis however, colour might be the best way to boost your mood. Avoid anything dark, drab, overly sloppy or casual. Pick the colour and style makes you feel happiest.

Next, rather than slip into your sweatpants and the "I give up" message they send to the world, elevate the look with jeans. Yes, jeans are casual, but they don’t imbue you with the sense of lethargy that a pair of sweats does.

3. Leggings + blazer

If the lure of athleisure is still too great, the only way I’ll tolerate them in a WFH context is if you add the one piece that saves any outfit from slothfulness. It’s the blazer. Never underestimate the power of a sharp blazer to completely transform any outfit and any bad attitude. I’ve also added heels to keep me on my toes and alert. This look is ideal for video conferences. You may be athleisure on the bottom, but it’s all business up top. And no one will be any the wiser.


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