"Suzanne nailed what I wanted my style to be: classic, subtly feminine and smart. I felt like my wardrobe was scruffy and lacking direction in a post-Covid world, where my smart workwear felt wrong and jeans and t-shirts were getting boring, but Suzanne turned that around showing me a few “magic” tricks to re-love some clothes I had lost interest in. I feel so much more confident wearing my clothes and knowing what looks good - it’s amazing the difference tucking something in can make or adding an accessory or layer. I am loving shopping again and exploring new and old shops, thanks to Suzanne’s guidance and eye for style." 

- Bronwyn, Communications Professional, London

"I met with Suzanne over Zoom and after completing a brief style questionnaire with photos, she analyzed my shape, coloring and helped me evaluate items currently in my closet.  Suzanne confirmed my current choices, and was most helpful offering suggestions for new, out-of-the-box pieces that I didn’t think of, everything from tops, to bottoms, shoes to blazers and accessories.

After my meeting with Suzanne, I felt a sense of peace that I did not have to continue to search for clothing items, and she opened my eyes to pieces to reflect my current style which allowed me to refresh my closet with my own style. Afterwards, I was able to shop my closet, and renew pieces I thought would have to be recycled. I was left with a wonderful detailed summary to keep and I was grateful for the continued dialogue from afar, even after my consultation."

- Kristin, Seattle, USA

"After a Styling Consultation with Suzanne I am feeling so much more confident with updating my wardrobe. I now know what to buy and what colours and styles will suit me best. I loved her style, and I am excited about my shopping trip for new clothes. I highly recommend her, you will be shopping with new eyes. Thank you again Suzanne."

- Geraldine, Coventry

"I have never used a personal shopper or a stylist before but I will not hesitate to use you again and to recommend you. It has taken all the angst out of what used to be a fun job - to shop for an event! You totally nailed it and I'm so much more relaxed knowing that I have options!"

- Sarah, finance professional, London

"Suzanne has such great style and is so easy to work with. She made the process really fun, managing to come up with some new combinations from existing pieces and putting together a brilliant capsule wardrobe with new pieces that has helped me feel more stylish and confident for the current never-ending series of video calls! I can’t recommend highly enough."

- Lizzie, partner at London city law firm

"Suzanne is a wonderful stylist. I had the chance to get her invaluable guidance and tips. Her methodology hits the nail on the head as she first understands your lifestyle, what you like and where the gaps are in your wardrobe. The wardrobe workout is a great way to organise the shopping experience. I learned so much from the shopping experience as well, as I now pay attention to my wardrobe gaps and remember my lifestyle before getting too excited when shopping. I will call on her services any time. Not only is she an expert in styling but she is also gifted with a great personality. I highly recommend her!"

- Sabahe, Business Analyst, London 

"After Suzanne's wardrobe workout, she has completely transformed the way I get dressed. She showed me outfit combinations I had never thought of before, using the clothes I already have. I now look at my clothes and style them in a completely new way, and have a new-found sense of confidence in my personal style."

- Marianne, General Counsel, London 

"I was so grateful for Suzanne's help in styling my outfit for a wedding in Sicily. She found the perfect dresses for me that really complimented my colouring and shape beautifully (so much so I ended up getting four for my summer wardrobe). The wedding guest outfit was playful and fun, perfect for an Italian wedding, not something I would have chosen myself. I loved it! Suzanne even made a necklace to go specifically with the outfit which was gorgeous."

- Liz, Programme Manager, Melbourne

"The service Suzanne provided was first class and I would recommend her to anybody. As with many men, I really dislike clothes shopping. I never know what suits me and I hate the amount of time it all takes. Suzanne came and looked at my wardrobe with me to see what I had. She helped me cull pieces and make space for my new wardrobe. A few days later we went shopping in central London. Suzanne took me to several shops where the clothes she had pre-selected for me, all in my size, were waiting for me to try on. No fuss, no frustration, no boredom, just hassle-free. Everything she had chosen was perfect for my taste. There were a few things I would not have thought to try on but they looked great and I purchased them. Due to Suzanne's careful planning, preparation and skill she was able to complement items I already had and introduced me to clothing concepts and ideas I'd never have thought of before. I really valued her guidance and despite my usual dislike of clothes shopping this was the perfect experience."

- Gary, Barrister, London

"Suzanne worked with me on a wardrobe workout and personal shop and style. I can't believe the difference it's made to my confidence! She took the time to thoroughly examine all the current pieces I had and suggested so many new options that I never would have thought of. The next step was a shopping session to complete the wardrobe. She had an innate ability to know exactly what I'd like and what would suit me. It was so fun and easy! I now feel like a million dollars and don't have to stress about what I wear."

- Virginia, Marketing Consultant and mother of two, Melbourne

"My wardrobe was full, bursting, jam-packed and yet I had nothing, and I mean nothing, to wear. Enter Suzanne, the magic wardrobe mistress. We went through my wardrobe focusing on casual, business casual and some more dressed up wear. Who knew I had such amazing pieces that worked so well together and gave me such a thrill to put on! Suzanne has an excellent eye and amazing taste. She advised as she went, what worked well and why. I also have a list of items to add to complete my capsule wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Suzanne."

- Fiona, Global Business Services, Linked In, Dublin

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